Wire Guidance Services

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  • A blueprint of the proposed rack installation should be provided to best determine the layout of the wire guidance system.
  • Blueprints can be faxed or e-mailed, preferably in Autocad format.
  • A blueprint will help determine:
    • The amount of linear feet to be installed.
    • The location of line driver.
    • The total number of aisles to be guided.

Wire Installation

In the middle of the working aisle a small groove is cut. A flexible and durable wire is embedded in the floor and sealed with epoxy. The wire is installed as a loop with a connection to the LDU “Line Driver Unit” which sends a low voltage RF frequency through this loop. Antenna mounted on the vehicle utilize this magnetic field and steer the vehicle along its path.

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Wire Guidance – VNA Applications

Wire Guidance is based on the fact that a wire conductor through which a signal is flowing, will create an electromagnetic field around itself. The field is strongest at the conductor and it’s magnitude decreases as it radiates out. A line driver dispatches the signal to the wire installed in the floor.

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Basic Wiring Requirements

  • Typically installation of the wire is located down the center of each aisle to be guided and extends a minimum of 15 feet beyond both ends of the racking when possible.
  • The wire starts at the line driver and goes down‘the center of each aisle requiring guidance and terminated back at the line driver.
  • This installation creates a continuous loop of wire for the signal to run through.
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Floor Specification

The following criteria should be utilized with a narrow aisle forklift system:

  • Floors should meet or exceed a minimum of an F – 50 “FACE floor rating”
  • The sub floor should be capable of supporting the racks and rolling loads
  • Floor joints should run parallel to the working aisle under the rack structure. If unavoidable the floor joints should cross the working aisle perpendicular and when possible outside of the working aisle only.
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  • It is recommended that the wire guidance is scheduled after the rack has been installed and bolted in place.
  • The aisles to be wire guided, along with 15ft beyond end of racking, should be free and clear of any obstructions.
  • The facility should have adequate lighting and ambient temperature, (minimum of 50 degrees).
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