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TrueLine Wire Guidance is the largest wire guidance installation company in the United States. Incorporated in 1986, TrueLine has been an innovator in the installation of wire guidance and AGV (automated guided vehicles) systems. Our goal at TrueLine is to provide knowledge, competitive pricing and quality services safely and efficiently.

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A blueprint of the proposed rack installation should be provided to best determine the layout of the wire guidance system.

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Wire Installation

In the middle of the working aisle a small 1/8″ wide x 3/8″ deep groove is cut. A flexible and durable wire is embedded in the floor and sealed with epoxy.

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Wire Guidance – VNA Applications

Wire Guidance is based on the fact that a wire conductor through which a signal is flowing, will create an electromagnetic field around itself.

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Basic Wiring Requirements

Typically installation of the wire is located down the center of each aisle to be guided and extends a minimum of 15 feet beyond both ends of the racking when possible.

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Floor Specification

A lift truck can operate on practically any floor, although floor related problems can affect the truck performance.

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Typically the wire guidance is scheduled after the rack has been installed and bolted in place.

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